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Providing plants, gardening services, on-line ordering and at local markets

Based in Barnstaple North Devon, Gardeners Delight Nursery are a family run plant nursery growing award winning plants for over 25 years. We have won many awards at plant shows and helped local towns and business attain national gold and international awards with our stunning flower displays for Britain in Bloom.

Bedding Plants Available now, available at our nursery site in Barnstaple.

We grow a large selection of bedding plants. All our bedding plants are grown here in North Devon and selected for performance and suitability for our unique climate. We also have a selection of ready made hanging baskets and offer a reminder planting service if you have your own baskets. We grow for both Barnstaple and Ilfracombe in Bloom ensuring you that our standards are award winning.


Buy Local grown trees from our family run nursery

Trees help to form the structure of the land we live on. They filter the air, feed the soil, provide a safe haven for wildlife and provide a source food. In our gardens we can plant ornamental trees for leaf colour and flowers or fruit trees for those delicious fresh fruits, berries and nuts. Our trees are selected to grow in North Devon, with a range of heights and shapes to suit your needs.

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June hints and Tips
  • As the weather warms up keep on top of weeding as they will appear & grow in a couple of days.
  • Hoeing on dry days works wonders as it also allows air into the top surface and keeps it open for watering.
  • Apply a good thick layer of mulch around plants to reduce the weeds but preserve the moisture in the soil
  • Acer bushes will have some dead ends, prune these back to a good leaf joint.
  • Plant up hanging baskets & planters with a splash of colourful summer bedding plants. My favourites are tuberous upright & trailing begonias as they dead head themselves.
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Sow or plant runner beans early in the month, they will soon overtake those planted when it was too cold.
  • Sow salad leaves, this can be in a large pot or trough and repeat every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Plant out courgettes and sow some winter squash
  • Sow a row of peas and repeat in 2 weeks
  • Towards the end of June plant Leeks, this helps to stop them from bolting
  • Dig the first early potatoes
  • Lawns
  • Cut on high settings as to short and the weeds will come in
  • Apply a lawn feed but water in if it doesn’t rain
  • Fork any areas that are constantly used as path ways or were always wet in winter to reduce compaction
  • Re seed areas that have died off
  • Visit and support your local independent nursery as their knowledgeable staff will always give advice freely and the plants that they grow are the ones that will grow in your area the best.

Gardening Service around North Devon

We offer a fully comprehensive range of gardening services Gardening service around North Devon

  • General Garden Services:regular or one offs, Including:- Lawn maintance, Pruning, Tree & shrub planting, hedgecutting garden clearance.
  • Landscaping/ Garden Design : small, large we create plan using our local knowledge and experience.
  • Tree Surgery: With our training and skill we can renovate a tree with branch removal and thinning to remove diseased areas and constrict the growth as well as removal of the complete tree. We chip all cutting to be used by you as mulch or reused at our nursery.
  • Water gardens:Creating a water garden or feature in your garden requires careful thought, is it for wildlife, aquatics, or as a focal point with sound, reflections and movement. Having decided why you require a pond or water garden we can give you advice based on our experience on the correct location, size, shape and depth required as well as carry out the construction.
  • Specialist Prunning: With our thirty years of experience gained growing plants at our nursery in Barntaple and gardening for clients across North Devon we have a wealth of knowledge on when, how and if you can prune a particular plant, with the renovation of older mature fruit trees and wisteria being a specialty.
  • Commercial/Holiday Home

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Gardeners delight blogs

Plant for
shady areas

Perennials for sale
Dry shade is found when the ground is sheltered from the rain by the base of walls or from the canopy of large trees. Areas of dry shade can be particularly difficult for having any success when planting many varieties of plants. The first step to improve the soil is by enhancing its ability to hold water. This can be done during the spring and autumn, and can be done by adding organic matter to the area. This will allow the soil to remain damp throughout the season. If adding mulch to a particularly dry patch in your garden, and you require something that will thrive there; the following bulbs can be used Hardy Cyclamen, Coum & Hederifolium leucojum Gravetye Giant Muscari Babys Breath
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Creating a Garden on the North Devon Coast

Living on the beautiful North Devon coast brings with it a multitude of problems for those wishing to create and maintain a garden, with high winds, salt laden air and extremes of temperature. There is however an advantage over those gardening further inland as the winter temperatures tend to be slightly higher and ground frost are rare, which opens up a range of plants from more temperate climates to be grown. As with all gardens we will start from the ground up and suggest some ways to create a good successful coastal garden.
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How to: plant and grow spring flowering bulbs in containers

Spring flowing bulbs in containers, pots and window boxes provide instant impact at the start of spring. By combining two, three or more bulbs that flower at different times can lengthen the period of time you have colour for. Planting in layer's can also generate longer lasting displays.
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Water logged gardens, why and how to fix ?

It has been a really wet winter so far this year in North Devon and many gardeners are looking at a waterlogged garden with puddles that will not drain.
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